Deepstreet EDGE



Deepstreet EDGE is a real-time, predictive analytics dashboard for stocks, options and futures markets.

(Indicators above show price prediction AHEAD of the market)

Red light, green light 

Advanced Machine Learning with real-time price prediction

Early News

Most news you read is old and repeated. At EOT Pro we get the news straight from the source so you get it first. We omit duplicate news stories using Natural Language Processing and ML. 

Advanced ML

We use Advanced Machine Learning in many different applications. It’s used to filter and train data sources, provide real-time trading analytics, as well as monitor and track performance over time.

News Bias

There are many different forms of Sentiment and Bias Analysis. Our focus is on measurable bias assessment; providing traders with ‘event-driven’ opportunities, and reliable ‘confidence’ metrics.

No more looking in the rear-view mirror

High-confidence, leading indicators, provide real-time predictions of stock movements as they happen.

No more lagging indicators. The News Bias system monitors over 22,000 sources of data and our machine learning engine alerts you to the best ‘event-driven’ opportunities. It instantly analyzes all public tweets, news and global macro data to deliver high-confidence, leading, alerts.

Alerts with onfidence less than 50%
Alerts with Confidence 50-75%
Alerts with Confidence 75-90%
Alerts with Confidence greater than 90%

High-Confidence News Bias

Trade long with good news, and short with negative news

We have found that short term market moves are quantifiable and news may move the stock (such as earnings/dividend, product announcements, rumors, and guidance). Our platform reads the data, filters out the repeated news stories and calculates how these events will likely affect stock and indices at different time intervals.

(Indicators above show price prediction AHEAD of the market)

Trade with us

For beginner and advanced traders alike

The Deepstreet EDGE dashboard includes a powerful suite of applications in addition to those above. These tools aim to drastically improve your trading results, either by complementing your existing strategies or offering new ones.

We’re always improving the technology, and our community trades daily to keep up with emerging trends, share best-practices, and help newcomers. We invite you to join us and see for yourself.

Get the edge

Deepstreet API

A derived data service for hedge funds, exchanges, and institutional clients.