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EOT Professional is a data analytics company delivering a suite of applications for active traders and institutional clients within the financial services industry.

What We Do

Predictive Analytics

The problem with technical trading analytics is they use lagging indicators that struggle in the face of Algorithmic and High-frequency Trading. We provide predictive analytics and leading indicators to assess the effect news has on price, before it’s priced into the market.

News Bias

Sentiment Analysis uses Natural Language Processing to measure how news affects price. Whether it’s company fundamentals, or overall fear and greed in the market, our analytics provide measurable sentiment analysis that factors into our machine learning models.

Machine Learning

We use advanced ML and stock selection to improve trading and investment performance across equities, options, futures and cryptocurrency markets. With four years in operation, our deep learning algorithms are tried and true, and continue to get smarter.

Data Integration

Traders today face an unprecedented quantity of information in the form of News, Social Media, and Market Data. We specialize in the ingestion and transformation of varied data sources, so traders and institutions can keep up with the volume and velocity of information.

Data Visualization

More than how we get information, how we use it, is critical to success. We’ve arranged our user-interface to make understanding all this data clear, intuitive, and actionable; so traders know exactly what is going on in the market, and precisely what to do about it.

Leading Indicators

When you trade you are looking for signals, indicators, or patterns that you can ‘see’ clearly, and tell you when to enter and exit the market. Leading Indicators give you the confidence to know how much price will change, and in what timeframe. They can also tell you when NOT to trade.


Deepstreet EDGE

Real-time, Predictive Analytics for Stocks, Options, and Futures

Designed to level the playing field, Deepstreet EDGE is an powerful analytics dashboard that will change the way you trade. The Deepstreet EDGE system uses Advanced Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis, and Early News Bias to analyze thousands of data sources in real-time and give active traders a true competitive edge in the markets.

Deepstreet Edge
Deepstreet API

Deepstreet API

Data feed service for hedge funds, exchanges, and institutional clients.

Machine-Enabled Trading Analytics for Cryptocurrency Markets

Cryptocurrency’s first, real-time predictive analytics dashboard. We’re putting the same powerful trading tools in the hands of the people and leveling the playing field in this new and challenging market.

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Data feed service for crypto hedge funds and exchanges.

Financial Data Feed Services

Derived Data Services for Hedge Funds, Brokerages and Institutional Clients

Measure the impact of news stories, and so much more. We offer derived data services that will save you time and radically improve the impact of your data initiatives.

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