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DeepStreet EDGE is an event analytics platform and our machine learning engine is designed to show the highest probability trading ideas that are driven from today’s news feeds.

We have found that some short term market moves are quantifiable and news may move the stock (such as earnings/dividend, product announcements, rumors, and guidance). Our platform reads the data, filters out the repeated news stories and calculates how these events will likely affect stock and indices up to 40 mins in the future. The prediction is in near real time and is generated with a confidence number. For the indices, Deepstreet EDGE shows the pressure and bias generated by these events on the market in a clear and easy to follow way.
It’s the ultimate red light, green light trading application. We trade long with good news and short with the negative news bias.

Our subscribers trade stocks, options and futures. Our analytics covers: YM, NQ, ES, TF AND ALL US EQUITIES.

We also offer a hosting solution / colocation service for ultra fast connectivity to the markets. See our colocation service for more information.