We are a boutique financial services business based out of Vancouver, Canada, building powerful trading tools for retail and institutional markets all over the world.

Our speciality is Machine Learning for news, analytics and technical trading. We have a community of active traders using our platforms and services on a daily  basis.


EOTPRO Developments Inc. has been providing customized analytics and data since 2006. It is a leading, real-time information discovery company, delivering a suite of products and services for retail, professional traders and institutional clients within the financial services industry.

Our mandate is to drive deeper into the most advanced Machine Learning techniques possible and our passion is to analyze data in an effort to find the most alpha possible across various time frames and asset classes.

Our dashboard, DeepStreet EDGE, analyses thousands of information sources identifying the most relevant information in real-time for clients in finance. The system monitors over 22,000 sources of data and instantly analyzes all public tweets, news and global macro data to deliver actionable content in a custom built user interface.

We focus on predicting Intraday trading signals in time frames from 5 minutes to 4 hrs and  these times frames, makes us less susceptible to HFT and shields us against overnight risk.

The DeepStreet API is a decision engine of machine learning algorithms that scans over 50 sources of data in real time to deliver high probability trading signals to the end user.

The Web API enables applications to access EOTPRO data programmatically over the Internet and as a result, trading firms can write their own customizable applications to the API.

We also offer a hosting solution / colocation service for ultra fast connectivity to the markets. The service includes high-performance, reliable VPS and DEDICATED SERVERS across the major US and International Data Centers.

Specialties: Custom Programming, Risk Control Systems, News Analytics, Social Media Sentiment, Global Macro Data, Sentiment Technologies, Web Scraping and Sentiment