DeepStreet API

DeepStreet API allows you to access signals programmatically for testing.


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What do you get as a DeepStreet API customer?

EOTPRO infrastructure (1)

DeepStreet filters out a huge amount of repeated events so that you see only relevant events.
We aggregate news from many sources, and all data that we distribute is derived and normalized to the format above. We do not display news headlines in their raw format, we distribute topic codes relating to the news events.
Our analytics covers YM, NQ, ES, TF and all US equities.

This is priced as an annual subscription and can be of great interest to brokerages and hedge funds.

Here is the API Documentation

And what about accuracy?

We also provide high accuracy entries on Index charts based on Machine Learning. When predicting stock moves based on news events, we have seen a 69% overall accuracy rate over a one year period.

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